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Netribution v2

Netribution 2 being designed
Front page from the relaunch of Netribution in 2006

After Netribution ran out of money at the start of 2002, founders Tom and Nic parted company and Nic joined, a mailman email discussion list for indie filmmakers, as first employee. The two founders of Shooting People had borrowed £30,000 to make a subscriber version of the email list to fund the cost of daily moderation, online profile directories and expansion of new lists - with a seemingly impossible business model of "users paying to read early the content that other users pay to produce". The business model worked, when Nic left there were 40,000 members, with a quarter paying, and a US office.

The success suggested that user-generated media could form the basis for a new kind of publication, and Netribution 2 launched with dozens of contributors submitting several thousand articles, from filmmaker diaries to uncut, exclusive interviews. After a few years, the lack of payment meant the good stuff thinned out, and the openness saw the only new submissions from publicists and link spam farms. The lack of a governance model meant these issues were never dealt with.