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Digital Asset Management, 2001

Digital Asset Management report cover

by Nic Wistreich, for Informa Media Group.

"The transition of all media sectors to digital creation, manipulation and distribution of content will drive global electronic distribution of creative assets. By removing the physical products of delivery - videocassettes, software CDs or books - content deliverers can maximise potential markets and reduce costs…

"Uncertainty remains over the platforms, formats and revenue models that will form the backbone of future digital distribution. There are competing architectures, such as video-on-demand (VOD) versus Personal Video Recorders (PVRs); systems, such as TiVo vs ReplayTV; access methods, such as cable modem versus DSL; and standards, such as XHTML versus MPEG-21. For rapid expansion and cheap interoperability, common and open standards such as HTML, GPRS and Bluetooth are favoured. A lack of agreement over common standards is widely considered to be the limiting factor on true convergence between platforms, content and delivery devices."