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Hello Ideas : collaborative economy ideas incubator

We're in the midst of the time in our planet's history when everyone gets networked together. HelloIdeas is one of millions of nodes on this network working, and hoping, for an upgraded society. We're a research and ideas incubator looking at where the web and society goes next. How do we make sure technology works for us, not the other way round? How do we get from here to the after-party?

"Humanity is sane, and can make use of its intelligence. We have to act as if this is true. That’s the whole story of the 21st century: Are we a sane civilization or not?"
— Kim Stanley Robinson

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  • Get Your Film Funded, UK Film Finance Guide
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  • Digital Asset Management
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  • International Film & TV Rights
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Nic Wistreich, director

Specialises in digital and financing models in the creative industries, open source and digital social innovation. Co-founded in 1999 weekly web-magazine, and later open platform, Netribution, exploring the bridges between moving image, web culture and new technology. Co-author and editor of three editions of world Film Finance Handbook, author Digital Asset Management (Informa) and co-author International Film & TV Rights (MTI), he has written for Adbusters, The Times, Moviescope and Ethical Consumer, and raised and led research and development funded by Innovate UK and Creative Scotland.